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No. 1 Mid-Atlantic Juniors

April 10, 2008 02:23 PM

No. 1 Mid-Atlantic Juniors

(March 2008)

Girls’ 18

Maria Fuccillo, 17, is continuing her winning ways. The Rockville, MD, resident has earned 3,574 points and has been No. 1 every month this year. She is looking to repeat after winning the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Girls’ 18 division.

Boys’ 18

Sergio Wyss, 18, has steadily improved, finishing 2007 in the Boys’ 18 at No. 3, advancing to No. 2 in February and No. 1 in March. The Bethesda, MD, resident has earned 2,584 points in a competitive age group. He is ahead of No. 2 ranked Christopher Goodwin by only 164 points and No. 3 Patrick Daciek by 171.

Girls’ 16

Rising star Julie Vrabel, 14, has been climbing up the Mid-Atlantic tennis ladder, finishing last year at No. 3 in the 16s and moving to No. 1 in January. The Centreville, VA, resident has 2,806 points. She is ahead of No. 2 Skylar Morton, who was No. 1 in February, by 298 points. Vrabel, who was top-ranked in the Mid-Atlantic Girls’ 14 last year, took back her No. 1 position in March.

Boys’ 16

In a division with tough competitors, Felix Sun, 16, finished No. 4 in the Mid-Atlantic Boys’ 16 rankings in 2007. And since then, the Potomac, MD, resident has been rising up the rankings. He was No. 3 in February and No. 1 in March with 2,591 points. He is ahead of No. 2 Quoc-Daniel Nguyen by 207 points and No. 3 Mitchell Frank by 229.

Girls’ 14

Spencer Liang, 13, has been ranked No. 1 every month this year. The Potomac, MD, resident has earned 2,818 points and has improved after finishing No. 6 in the division last year.

Boys’ 14

After gathering 3,022 points, Kevin Chu, 14, is ranked No. 1 in March and has been ranked No. 1 every month this year. The Potomac, MD, resident has improved since finishing last year No. 5 in the Mid-Atlantic Boys’ 14 rankings.

Girls’ 12

In a competitive division, Elizabeth Stewart, 12, has raced up the rankings to the No. 1 spot in March. The Oakton, VA, resident has won 2,566 points and narrowly leads No. 2 ranked Shannon Hudson, who has 2,530 points, and No. 3 Abbie Pahz with 2,460 points. Sylvia Huffman was No. 1 in February.

Boys’ 12

Kasey Countee, 12, has been ranked No. 1 in February and March. The Cheltenham, MD, resident has improved since finishing fourth last season in the Boys’ 12. He replaced Jordan Portner, who held the No. 1 spot in January. Now, he is in close battle with No. 2 ranked Aries Wong, who is 42 points behind.

Girls’ 10

Lilian Burchell, 9, has improved to No. 1 after finishing second in the Mid-Atlantic last year. The Ruxton, MD, resident has been ranked first in February and March. Naomi Waters is only 28 points behind in second place. Bridgett Blowe, last year’s Girls’ 10 winner, was ranked first in January.

Boys’ 10

Sean Scully, 9, has improved from No. 2 last year to No. 1 this year, holding the top spot for the last three months of the year. The Churchville, MD, resident leads second-place Dennis Afanasev by only 63 points.





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